We are thrilled to announce that our Buck Brannaman Midwest website now offers you the latest clinic information for our 2018 clinic locations:

To our Fox Valley Saddle Association clinic riders and spectators:  While the horsemanship 1, portion of our clinic goes from Sat-Mon. Sept. 8-10th , we strongly encourage you to join us as a spectator for the first day of our colt starting class, which begins Friday, Sept 7th!  This is a tremendous opportunity to get a close up look at horses and people experiencing time honored techniques which are employed to lay a solid foundation and build confidence into any horse going into any discipline! You are sure to see some things you may want to go back and teach your good riding horses!

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Once you have seen quality horsemanship and are exposed to the things you can do to help a horse be gentle and dependable, why wouldn’t you do those things?– Buck Brannaman